European Principles

The IAB Europe OBA Framework

The IAB Europe OBA Framework is based upon 7 key principles for online behavioural advertising: notice, user choice, data security, sensitive segmentation, education, compliance and enforcement, and review. An objective of the IAB Europe OBA Framework is to secure the future of Online Behavioural Advertising as an effective business practice in the toolbox of marketers, by ensuring that internet users can understand and control the OBA choices they make online.


Application of the IAB Europe Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising in the Mobile Environment

Mobile PrinciplesThe recommendations set out in this document provide an addendum to the original IAB EU Framework on OBA (please see above on this page) and should be read in conjunction with it. The Addendum seeks to show businesses how to apply the Framework’s principles – notably notice and choice – in the mobile environment.


The EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising

The EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising builds on the IAB Europe OBA Framework and provides an industry-wide standard for OBA, ensuring that the entire advertising ecosystem is covered. With the adoption of the Best Practice Recommendation, national advertising self-regulatory organisations commit to applying self-regulatory standards for OBA, integrating the principles of the recommendation into their Codes, and handling complaints thereon.


The Technical Specifications for implementing the IAB Europe OBA framework and EASA BPR in Europe

The Technical Specifications for implementing the IAB Europe OBA framework and EASA BPR in Europe document details how companies should technically apply the OBA Icon to online ads. The document details how to avoid collision of overlays being applied at different stages in the ad delivery process, highlights good and bad technical practice, approved accompanying  text for every EU country, and outlines restrictions and limitations that apply to use of the Icon.


IAB Europe Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines For Mobile

Mobile Tech SpecsThis document covers the use of the Ad Marker in Europe for companies to provide enhanced transparency and control over Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) to users of mobile devices in support of the European Self-Regulatory Principles for OBA. This document is complementary1 to the Technical Specifications for implementing the IAB Europe OBA Framework and EASA BPR. Its purpose is to set out guidelines for the implementation of the Application of Self-Regulatory Principles in the Mobile Environment.


The Self-Certification Criteria for Participating Companies

The Self-Certification Criteria for Participating Companies document aims to provide companies participating in the EU Self-Regulatory Programme on OBA with a comprehensive set of criteria for self-certification of compliance. Self-certification of compliance shall be limited to those requirements applicable to each participant’s business model; however, should a participant company be subject to multiple obligations, self-certification must cover all such applicable provisions. In other words, if a company fulfils more than one role in the advertising eco-system, then it should comply with the requirements applicable to each of these roles.