Tariff Schedule - European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance

Under the European Principles Documents for Online Behavioural Advertising, companies should either licence the OBA Icon, integrate onto the YourOnlineChoices Platform, or both:



A company is considered to be a Small or Medium sized Enterprise (SME) if its annual revenue from online display advertising is below the threshold of 3,000,000 (three million) EUR. This revenue is based on the last historical financial year.

No company is obliged to provide EDAA with their annual revenue from all online display advertising. However, by not doing so, the company agrees in effect to pay the fee designated for a large company. If an SME applies to benefit for the lesser fee, then they must provide evidence that their revenue for all online display advertising is lower than the threshold. This evidence will be subject to examination and approval by EDAA.


All fees for use of the OBA Icon and/or OBA User Choice Platform are detailed below.

OBA Icon licence fees

Website Operators wishing to signify adherence to the European Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising on a voluntary basis may also display the OBA Icon on websites they own, operate or control in order to provide adequate disclosure of Third Party OBA data collection and use.

Under the European OBA Self Regulatory Programme licensing agreements the fees for acquiring a licence to display the OBA Icon in the EU/EEA are the following:


Web Site Operators fees:

OBA User Choice Platform (www.youronlinechoices.eu) participation fees

All participating companies on the OBA User Choice Platform are subject to the following fees:


Quick fees* reference

  OBA Icon licence fees OBA User Choice Platform fees
Regular fee 5 000 EUR 5 000 EUR
SME fee 3 000 EUR 3 000 EUR
Web Site Operators (if not with Purely National Focus and/or Readership) 3 000 EUR 3 000 EUR (where appropriate)
Web Site Operators with a Purely National Focus and/or Readership Free of charge N/A

*All fees indicated in the table above will be charged per calendar year.