Webinar 1 - Understanding OBA Self-Regulation In Europe - European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance


The webinar took place on Monday, March 31 2014, at 4.00 PM CET.

Click here to view the recording of this webinar. 

Throughout this one hour event, the audience received key information on:

•    The need for a strong Self-Regulatory Programme on OBA in Europe
•    How it works (incl. key obligations of various business models)
•    Consistency between markets
•    Relationship with the ePrivacy Directive
•    Joining the Programme
•    Steps towards compliance

Speakers bios and pictures

We have invited a number of well-known specialists in the Self-Regulatory space to join us for this event and share their experience and expertise.

Stephan Noller

Founder & CEO of nugg.ad

Stephan Noller is the founder and CEO of nugg.ad, Europe’s leading platform for target group specific online advertising and provider of brand advertising technology. As CEO he is responsible for the strategic focus and development of nugg.ad. Since 2010, nugg.ad is a company of Deutsche Post DHL.

In 2009, Noller was elected chairman of the IAB Europe Policy Committee. In this function he promoted the establishment of the OBA (Online Behavioural Advertising) self-regulation framework and represented the positions of the European online industry. For his achievements in the Committee he was elected for the IAB Mixx Award 2012 „Person of the Year“. Furthermore he advocates ethical standards for relevance and filter algorithms, e.g. by initiating the Data Days (www.data-days.com).

Since 2012 he is columnist at the leading international data driven advertising blog ExchangeWire. His roots come from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft where he worked on machine learning algorithms to predict people’s interests and demographics since 1998. His previous work at TNS Emnid laid the foundation for a new process for measuring internet coverage for the industry association AGOF.

nugg.ad has offices across Europe including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Paris, London, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Oslo. The company provides major sales houses, programmatic / RTB platforms, agencies and advertisers with advanced solutions for efficient brand advertising, audience targeting and data management.

Nick Stringer

Chairman of the Board, EDAA, and Director of Regulatory Affairs, IAB UK

Nick Stringer has been appointed as the Chairman of the EDAA. Nick brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and works closely with the Director-General and EDAA staff to cement the EDAA as a successful and responsive actor for European (and global) trust in digital advertising.

Nick is Vice Chair of the IAB Europe (Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe) Policy Committee, the trade association responsible for promoting the growth of the interactive advertising markets in Europe. IAB Europe represents the interests of more than 5000 members including major media groups, advertisers, agencies, portals, technology and service providers. Nick is also Director of Regulatory Affairs at IAB UK, which is a Board Member of IAB Europe.

Nick is a leading figure both in the UK and at EU level working for the optimal policy environment for digital advertising, in particular on privacy issues, and helping to boost the understanding of digital media and its benefits within regulatory and political circles. In his role as Chairman of the EDAA, he will continue to spearhead pan-European efforts to ensure a credible, accountable and responsive system of Self-Regulation for OBA.

 Oliver Gray

Director General, EDAA

Dr. Oliver Gray has been appointed as the Director-General of the EDAA and has a strong professional background in effective advertising self-regulation, acting also as Director-General of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) since 1993. Through this role, Oliver Gray has spearheaded the growth, value and credibility of advertising self-regulation for close to 20 years and his expertise will be invaluable to the ongoing success of the EDAA, bringing effective self-regulation to modern, evolving and increasingly innovative technologies and advertising practice.Beyond this, Oliver Gray co-chairs the Code Revision Taskforce of the International Chamber of Commerce. In this role he helps devise and coordinate the consolidation of the ICC’s codes in the area of marketing and advertising into a simplified but extended code to marketing communications. This Code has recently been adapted to include specific provisions on Online Behavioural Advertising (Chapter D) which reflect the principles laid out in the EASA Best Practice Recommendation on OBA.

Oliver Gray graduated with a BSc and a PhD from Bath University.



Ionel Naftanaila

Technical & Project Manager, EDAA

Ionel Naftanaila has joined the EDAA as the Project and Technical Manager and brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Ionel also has a strong training and teaching experience combined with technical expertise.

As Training and Project Manager at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe, Ionel has been driving efforts to establish the EDAA and increase industry awareness of the European self-regulatory programme and principles for OBA.

Before joining the EDAA, he managed a company that developed and maintained AdServers and AdExchanges with OBA in Southeastern Europe.
Previously, Ionel worked in the online industry, managing a company developing web applications and sites. Ionel also has a strong academic background and teaches management with key focus on IT and project management at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

He holds a PhD, studying at HEC Montreal, Canada and at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.